Kímmapiiyipitssini: The Meaning of Empathy

Hot Docs 2021: Kímmapiiyipitssini: The Meaning of Empathy, Poly Styrene, Lady Buds and more.

In this episode we review some of the films streaming virtually at Hot Docs 2021. We share our thoughts on Kímmapiiyipitssini: The Meaning of Empathy; Nothing But the Sun; Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliche; The Man Who Paints Water Drops; La Madrina: The Savage Life of Lorine Padilla; Lady Buds; Someone Like Me; Dead Man’s Switch: A Crypto Mystery; and Faya Dayi.

If you missed the episode when it aired live, you can find the recording on iTunes or listen to it below:

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