Toronto Japanese Film Festival, Breakthrough Film Festival

In this episode we share some highlights from two film festival occurring in Toronto. First, we discuss the Toronto Japanese Film Festival with reviews of Destiny: The Tale of Kamakura, The Scythian Lamb, The Third Murder and Hanagatami. Then we move to the Breakthrough Film Festival, which showcases short films from emerging female filmmakers from around the globe, with reviews of Night, Nana, Work, Girl Eating Banana: Audition and I Love My Robot Boyfriend.

If you missed the episode when it aired live, you can find the recording on iTunes, Google Play or listen to it below:

Frameline airs on Radio Regent, a station based in Toronto, most Thursday evenings at 6 PM. The show can be streamed live from the Radio Regent website, iHeartRadio, and streaming radio apps. Also, be sure to rate and review the show on iTunes.

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